The best day of the year has officially arrived!

Let me give you a clue: reindeers, Santa clause and PRESENTS! If you guessed Christmas, you are 100 percent correct! So, presents are indeed the main thing (after spending time with family) why kids are excited about Christmas. But you will face this problem if you have a cousin or a sister that is a teen girl: what would you buy for them? Yes, it is indeed a struggle to figure out what in the world that they like! But don’t worry, I will tell you THE very things that you could purchase from here. Sit back and enjoy.

Here We Go


  1. A wristlet pouch- surprise your teen by giving her this stylish wristlet pouch by STICKWITME. Your teen will look sharp with this off the hook style sealer that will complete your every look your teen will try to pull off. This beauty comes in colorful colors that are priced of RM 46.00. Pick one that comes with the color that your teen girl desires and give it to her, and I am positive that she will be awed by the people around her. Here is the link:


2. A designer pencil case- this little case is stylish, useful and full of creative. This is THE newest design by STICKWITME. This little case is perfect for storing pens and pencils, or even able to sneak in some lip gloss in! This one is also available in different colors other than the color above; it is made with PU leather and with a logo of STICKWITME at the bottom. It is priced RM 38.00. Here is the link if you are interested in buying this for that someone( or simply yourself):


3. A makeup bag- your teen girl will be using some makeup at this age, so why not buy a makeup bag for her to store her beauty essentials? This is styled carefully and another great product. This bag can also come in different colors such as: metallic blue, rose gold, silver and so on. Your teen can bring this bag for travel and school for some touch up when she really needs one. It is for RM 48.00. and here is the link:


4. A portable water bottle- it’s stylish, modern and personalized. Say hello to the new tumbler section on our website. You could choose the first letter of the teen that is going to receive this gift, and give it to her! It is great for school, travel or hiking in the woods. Not to mention it looks super cute, but also feels great from getting attention everywhere you go! It is at the price of RM 29.90. here is the link:


5. Festive stickers- now, let’s get a little festive can we? Brace yourself for the new arrival of the cute festive stickers that are on sale on the website. You can decorate a bag or anything you want to decorate (your choice) with these super cute stickers. Make it cute and sweet! It is on price of RM 9.00 or onwards. These stickers are made of PU leather and are SUPER sticky. Here is the link:

Merry Christmas & A Very Happy New Year from All of Us at Stickwitme !

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